5:30h, acordei meia-hora antes do convencional. A Daphne estava acordada e começando a sentir contrações que haviam começado na noite anterior. Ligamos para a Carol do Miami Maternity Center e ela nos disse que deveríamos ir logo cedo. Apesar disso acordei e ainda fui correr por 20 minutos, tomamos café da manhã e começamos a […]

Summary Action Steps – Chapter 2

What area, person, or circumstance in your life do you struggle with the most? Start journaling all the aspects of that situation that you are grateful for. Keep a record of everything that reinforces and expands your gratitude in that area. Where in your life are you not taking 100 percent responsibility for the success […]


“We risk growing dumber and meaner, less interesting and certainly less engaged if we stop listening.” Nancy Gibbs explains why “Listen” is the word that mattered most this year.